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longhandle nail clippers DU-81

Stainless special steel

Longhandle nail clippers characteristics are as follows:
1)Triple-expansion telescopic handle. It is the first of its kind on the market. You can select a handle with 16cm, 18cm or 20cm length.
2)Approx. 11mm width of straight blade. This width enables appropriate nail cutting by easy handling. Therefore, it causes less curved and irregular nails by square cutting designed.
3)The blade edge can freely be adjusted by swinging it to the best angle you want.
4)You need not turn the upper-handle inside out when you cut nails. Just lift the upper-handle up forward. Then, leverage will work toward the blade edge.
5)It is really easy for pregnant women, fats and old men to use our clippers. At the same time, even people with small hands can easily use our clippers as the handle height is adjustable by an adjuster cap provided.

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