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Ukai Cutlery Co., Ltd. was established in March, 1947 at Seki city located in Gifu prefecture as one of the scissors smitheries after the experience of jobs of swordsmith and
Seki city is famous for the town with history specializing in manufacture of fine cutlery and knives. Based on surroundings and trained experiences, we started running the company
on May 11, 1974 as hair scissors manufacturer Ukai Cutlery Co., Ltd.

We aim to promote joy and happiness by hair cutting at home to more people. Then, we decided to open our company website for help of education and expansion of its relative
information to more people.
Seki city is well known as “Seki no Magoroku” which means the famous Japanese sword with high quality technique in manufacturing. At the same time, Seki city is blessed with
beautiful natural resources, especially Nagara river with its pure flowing water.

These circumstances have brought us high quality cutlery.
We have two main reasons to produce high quality cutlery.
Firstly, we have long history for manufacturing cutlery based on many experiences from our ancient times. Secondly we have researched and learned modern advanced technology.
We can produce truly unique sets of high quality products by combining the lessons and skills of the past with modern and precision technology.

Nowadays there are a lot of knives and cutleries imported from abroad. But, we have confidence in our skill and quality, based on which we would like to introduce our products
“Made in Japan” /”Made in Seki” in our website.
Now, we have been handling and expanding our line-up such as hair scissors, nail cutter,file and earpick etc.

Having a policy “To maintain Japanese high quality cutlery” in our mind, we will produce products for our customers.

Ukai Cutlery Co., Ltd.
President Mitsuhiro Ukai

Ukai Cutlery Co., Ltd.
1-24, Higashi-Hongou-Tori, 3-Chome, Seki, Gifu, 501-3811, JAPAN
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